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Service & Maintenance

-The equipment returned from the customer is inspected and a quotation is produced with the results of our findings.
It is recommended that complete radios are returned (Radio Body, Antenna and Battery).
  This will allow us to give you a full report on the status of your equipment, sometimes the radios poor performance is due to the accessories.

-Radios are checked they conform to Manufacturers Specifications with a full Transmit and Receiver Test.
Frequency check and radiation check from the Antenna.
  Power output, Mic Audio Levels along with the receiver sensitivity and Speaker Audio.
-All radios receive sensitivity is checked, and the speaker audio volume and quality.
-Accessories are checked, chargers are fully tested, and a full health check completed on Batteries.
-Priority Service – Our service contract customers always have first priority
-Fast Turnaround Time – Have your two-way radio equipment working again, faster
-Minimize Down Time – Reduce time lost because of equipment failure
-Protect Your Investment – Keep your two-way radio equipment operating in peak condition
-No Surprises – Never worry about receiving a high repair bill again
We have our own manufacturer trained, experienced service engineers who are totally committed to keeping your equipment performing at peak efficiency. Our modern, fully equipped workshop and repair facilities are manned by manufacturer-trained and certified engineers.
Our promise to you:
-Manufacturer Trained Technicians
-Tailored Maintenance Agreements
-In House Warranty Support
-Optional Fixed Price Repair Service
-Factory Original Parts

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