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After lifting the embargo on Iraq in 2003, Sabaaco took all that period of time till 2008 to build-up & accumulate experience, through participating in medium & small scale projects as 2nd or 3rd level contractors. From that date & forward, Sabaaco started to fix concretely its roots & had succeeded to score a high reputation in Iraqi market.

After opening Sabaaco branch in Sulaimaniyah in 2008, Sabaaco started to contact foreign "oil & gas" mining companies located within Kurdistan region & focusing on this sector of industry as her 1st. vertical within Iraqi market.

Sabaaco have succeeded to grant the trust of a good number of companies in this sector of industry, through the full discipline of supply & installation timing of radios with full back up of help & assistance gained through its experience along those passed years.

Currently, Sabbaco serves a countless number of oil & gas companies, such as:

  • Crescent Petroleum & Dana Gas Company (Sharjah-U.A.E.), Conventional in Khormor region-Kurdistan
  • Niko Resources (Canada), Conventional in Qaradaq region-Kurdistan
  • Oil Search (Australia), Conventional/DMR in Taza oil fields near to Kirkuk
  • Western Zagros (Canada), Conventional in Kalar region-Kurdistan
  • Talisman (U.K.), Conventional-Multiples sites in Kurdistan
  • Saxon (Eygpt), Conventional for company HQ-Sulaimaniyah
  • Forbes Manhattan (Canada), Conventional for company HQ-Sulaimaniyah
  • TOTAL (France),Conventional/DMR in Qaradaq region-Kurdistan

Sabaaco also focused on Cement factories & companies existing in Southern part of Iraq as this new vertical of industry got a very rapid development in this country.

The 3rd. vertical, which Sabaaco takes care of as also a very vital sector is the Holy Shrines in both, Najaf & Karbala & started since 2010 to serve their needs &had successfully built good relations with their representatives & officials.

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